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The Conference

William T. Abare, Jr.On behalf of Flagler College, I welcome you to the Culturally La Florida conference. We are pleased to host this event and to participate in Florida’s Viva Florida 2013 initiative.

Culturally La Florida celebrates Spain’s 500-year influence on the culture of our state and our nation. During Viva Florida, there will be commemorations of all types, throughout the state, telling and re-telling this fascinating story in every way imaginable.

Spanish influence on Florida is extensive.  The determination to capture the texture and flavor of this lengthy and important cultural link inspired a comprehensive approach to this conference. The planning team worked enthusiastically to make this program as inclusive as possible, to take an appreciation for Spain's influence in the New World to a new level, grounded in significant scholarship, while at the same time entertaining through a great variety of both high culture and folk culture.

We hope you enjoy this experience and return many times to our campus and community.

William T. Abare, Jr., Ed.D.
Flagler College

On behalf of our presenters, sponsors and volunteers, welcome to the online home of Culturally La Florida: Spain’s Legacy in the New World. This site provides an overview of our four-day conference, the schedule of activities and the variety of discussions, presentations and performances that can be experienced.

To those who are visiting, we hope you will enjoy your time in St. Augustine. We are proud of our roots, and the perspectives we express come from a fascination with history that is in the DNA of everyone who lives here, sharing the common bond that “this is where it all began.”

Over the four days of our conference, take time to get to know the St. Augustinian sitting next to you. You will find that we are as hospitable as we are proud -- and eager to help you explore the area we call Florida’s Historic Coast. 

Tours, lodging, dining, maps and more can be found here.

Speaking for all those that have worked so hard to make this possible, I thank you for coming and wish you a most rewarding and enriching experience.

Leslee Keys
Program Director
Culturally La Florida Conference
and Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations
Flagler College



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